Your Resource fro Eastside Real Estate; Business highlight

Here at ABC Realty, we love to support our local businesses. Today we want to highlight one of our favorite spots on the East Side: East Side Thai. Neighborhoods are like eco-systems. We need large and small businesses for a neighborhood to thrive. One of our favorite small businesses is this charming Thai food restaurant on Payne Avenue. If you’re looking for a locally owned Thai food restaurant on the East Side, East Side Thai should be your first stop. With heartwarming bowls of Tom Yum soup, sizzling plates of eggplant, and spicy green curry, you won’t find a better place to brighten up your winter day. The neighborhood around East Side Thai is great too! The Payne-Phalen neighborhood is just a few minutes drive from Downtown Saint Paul, Lake Phalen, and many other great spots in the East Metro. We are proud to serve the community on the East Side by helping our community buy the homes they love and sell their homes when they’re ready  for something new!


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