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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Ricky at Mosaic Christian Community. Mosaic has been doing some interesting things in the community. For example, they started a program where houseless single mothers can use Mosaic’s parking lot to stay in their cars overnight. Recently there has been a new feature in Mosaic’s parking lot, tiny homes! Like many residents, we were curious as to why there were tiny homes parked at Mosaic. It turns out that Mosaic has partnered with a local organization Settled that constructs tiny homes to house homeless people. In speaking Ricky I found out that Mosaic was contacted by Settled to help them with this project. Going beyond just housing homeless folks settled seeks to create community. In the six tiny homes that will be placed on Mosaic’s lot, two of them will be inhabited by people who were not homeless. “don’t look at it as just a tiny home or some church in a neighborhood, all people are welcome here!” Ricky stated on our call. Like Mosaic, Settled puts community first and that is why it is so important that people housed become part of it. Ricky told me that those housed are already connected to Settled and have been selected by the organization for placement. Residents will pay rent and utilities, this is a long term solution as opposed to short term shelter. When I asked Ricky why Settled uses churches to build their tiny homes he said it’s due to the fact that there are federal exemptions that allow them to build. As of now, there are still more tiny homes being built at Mosaic. I asked Ricky if there was one thing you could say to everyone reading what would it be? he told me that “You are worth it and we love you”, fitting words for an institution that is a cornerstone of its neighborhood. If you’d like to learn more about Mosaic Christian Community or Settled I’ve attached links below!

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