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The census is upon us again and this year Minnesota has a lot on the line. Minnesota saw a huge population decline after the 2008 Market Crash. The decline was so bad that this year we may lose one of our congressional seats. In the last decade however, Minnesota has seen an increase in population. From 2010 to 2019 we have grown by 300,000 people. Even though this isn’t enough to offset the loss of population we experienced in the late 2000’s it is still a good trend! The most fascinating aspect of this growth is where it is coming from. Of the 300,000 new residents 2/3rds of them come from natural population growth. Natural growth meaning births that exceed the amount of deaths in the state. The other third of the population growth comes from recent immigrants from Africa and Asia. Of the three forms of population growth, in state migration is the one we fall behind in. Although 2017 and 2018 provided Minnesota with a positive in state migration, it isn’t enough to offset the losses from earlier in the last decade. When we look at this data we should keep one thing in mind, immigration plays a huge part in Minnesota’s history and present day reality. As our state continues to become more diverse what are some things you think needs to change about our attitudes and culture in Minnesota?


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