YOUR RESOURCE FOR EASTSIDE REAL ESTATE: Juneteenth and Pride Month with Real Estate!

As June comes to a close, we want to share some of the highlights we recognize this month.

First, June is when we celebrate Juneteenth. It marks the day the word of freedom reached the last enslaved people in Galveston Texas in 1865, more than 2 years since the emancipation proclamation was put into place. Though we celebrate Juneteenth as a victory out of enslavement, the oppression of the black community has taken many other forms that we still work tirelessly to end. Today we celebrate all the hard work of not only us, but of our ancestors.
We also celebrated the entire month in recognition of our LGBTQ+ community! Did you know that we celebrate June as Pride Month because of a black bisexual trans woman? ?️‍? It all started when Marsha P Johnson threw a brick at police in a revolt against their violence to the LGBTQ+ community.
Home ownership rates for LGBTQ+ are still low due to discrimination. Regardless, ABC Realty has worked with many people in the LGBTQ+ community to become homeowners! We also have agents who are LGBTQ+ to work personally with you!
This month we recongnize the oppression the community has faced and still faces daily, and we stand in solidarity with you ❤️?????


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