Your Resource for Eastside Real Estate; Boys Totem Town and Hillcrest Golf Course

Recently Saint Paul has acquired two sizable plots of land. Hillcrest Golf Course and Boy’s Totem town both lie within the Eastside and measure between 70 to 120 acres each. The pipefitters union acquired the Hillcrest Golf Course in 2011 for 4.3 million dollars. Initially purchased as an investment for union members retirement funds, the golf was a nightmare for the union and it was bought earlier this year by the Port Authority. The golf course spans 120 acres and is prime for future development aside from one pitfall, there is mercury contamination in the soil.

Boy’s Totem Town

Boy’s Totem Town was a juvenile correctional facility for young boys. In 2016 it was decided that the facility would be shut down as it was becoming too costly to keep up. The site officially closed this summer and there are 72 acres of land up for development. With the current demand for homes and the lack of housing stock within the city, these two sites are promising prospects for future development.

Hillcrest Golf Course

How do you think the city should handle these two sites? What do you want to see developed in the future?


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