Your Resource for East Side Real Estate: Rivoli Revival Update and New Plans for the Hillcrest Site

We have been receiving tons of questions on the Rivoli Revival! Due to unfortunate events, the Rivoli houses will be delayed until spring 2022. Continue to keep an eye out for our updates on the project and contact us for any information about the houses.

There is some good news about the development of the Hillcrest site. Janet Leadholm has worked hard at recreating a new plan for the site and is working to get this plan out to the public for support. To view Janet’s plan in comparison to the plan the city has in place, scroll below! The photos appear small but click on them for a better view.

You can email Janet Leadholm at or our Broker, Seanne Thomas, if you want more information on the development of the Hillcrest site.


We will be contacting you shortly with information about your home.