Seanne Thomas


Seanne Thomas, Broker ABC Realty; Real Estate Professional

Seanne has a breadth and scope of knowledge about the St. Paul community that is unparalleled. She can explain the history of every neighborhood, every park, and every waterway. She can talk about every transportation project slated for your neighborhood, or the one you’re considering, and exactly what it will mean for you.

She can tell you about all the area conveniences and resources, from the place to find the best eats to the local community organizations and what they do. She can describe classes and graduation rates at the local schools just as easily as she can describe all the places you can walk to from your home.

She’s connected. She’s knowledgeable. She’s passionate.

With 17 years in the business, Seanne has turned listening into an art form. She truly walks side-by-side with her buyers and sellers to make sure she understands their needs, wants and dreams. She’s a skillful negotiator and works hard for her clients, always seeking the best results.

Not only does she listen well, she’s a teacher at heart. She works to ensure her buyers and sellers understand every aspect of the transaction. She is able to translate tricky legal ease and does so during an initial consultation where she educates her clients so they genuinely understand their rights and responsibilities.

Seanne holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Minnesota. She’s an expert in working with first-time homebuyer money, FHA financing, down payment and closing-cost assistance. She considers her job as more than buying and selling homes and commercial property, it’s about building communities. She approaches every transaction from the perspective of family, you are becoming part of a neighborhood, a community.


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