Lashanna Moore

Real Estate Agent

LaShanna’s real-life experience as an investor for more than 12 years helps her clients as they begin their home search.
With a background in owning residential investment properties, and serving as a landlord, she’s able to discuss just how far a client’s budget may go when it comes time to invest in a home.
“People get complacent with renting and get caught up, then they’re 20 years in and could have nearly paid off a mortgage,” she said.
She wants her clients to be confident in knowing and understanding their options and potential for home ownership.
LaShanna focuses on each of her clients as they begin their home search, listening and taking time to understand their concerns and wants.
Because of her experience rehabbing properties, LaShanna helps her clients think creatively about each property they visit, offering rehab possibilities for each when needed. She understands the rehabbing process and can share information with her clients about everything from pulling permits to inspections and zoning regulations. She strives to find her customers properties that are below their budget so there’s room to make improvements.
Every step of the way, LaShanna keeps her clients informed of the sale and purchase process. She works to be attentive and she keeps her clients informed so they can truly enjoy the experience.


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