Jon Lopez

Real Estate Agent/Investor

Fluent in English and Spanish

Jonathan Lopez specializes in the sale and purchase of multi-family and commercial mixed-use buildings. He works with investors to find the perfect fit, analyzing the sale and purchase every step of the way. Jonathan has first-hand experience owning and selling properties and has well-established relationships with lenders who work to open doors for incoming investors. These lenders know the ins and outs of commercial, mixed-use and multi-family finance, they not only understand the intricacies of the financials but the pace of the realty world. Jonathan is an expert at running the numbers with his clients. He can analyze the potential purchase of a property and weigh it against any needed improvements, the market rate for residential and commercial rentals and the current market conditions.

Jonathan understands investing from start to finish and can talk about the whole process, from the history of the potential building or site to the opportunities in the general community. He can discuss the growth of an area, the pros and cons of the location and the nuances of the neighborhood. His analysis begins with the building itself. He’s adept at inspecting exteriors and looking at a building’s bones. He knows investors need properties that have a good structure and mechanicals from roof to foundation. He knows location is always a factor but said far more important, is the time the owner puts in to manage and propel the business. As an investor himself, Jonathan brings his depth of experience to the table to share with his clients.


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