February is Black History Month, an annual celebration which calls on all Americans to reflect on the significant roles that African-Americans have played in shaping US history. We take this time to celebrate being the only black female owned full service brick and mortar brokerage in the Twin Cities.

 As ABC Realty is expanding, we are becoming known as a launch pad to young professionals starting their career. Empowering young adults to find and keep meaningful employment through mentorship, guided community justice work, and career navigation. 

We have two new POC members, Mikayla Patrick and Monet Auguston! Mikayla is the new Operations and Social Media Manager and Monet is our newest Agent on the sales team. As members they will have the opportunity to utilize all of the resources the Brokerage presents.  

While we are excited to gain members, we are also losing a few valued parts of our team. Mhonpaj, Ismail and Ben will no longer be working for this brokerage; though they will all still work with the lovely East Side community in other facets. 

Mhonpaj, one of our highest esteemed Realtors, was a top producer as a six figure agent, bringing 104k in commissions last year alone. You can find Mhonpaj at Home Sellers Realty, or at her farm which has been infamously named “Mhonpaj’s Garden.” 

Ismail, one of our Operations Managers, can be found working as an Engagement Specialist with Minnesota HomeOwnership Center continuing the work for equity and equality for the East Side.

Ben, our other Operations Manager, will continue working as the leader of the East Side Housing Justice Coalition which stemmed directly out of ABC Realty’s justice work. He is based out of the East Side Freedom Library, which has a mission to inspire solidarity, advocating for justice and work toward equity for all. 

Both Ben and Ismail’s new positions are a direct result of the amazing justice work they were able to accomplish through ABC Realty. The Brokerage is a platform to mold and build young professionals, allowing them to get the real life experience they need to put on their resumes and expand into their future.  

Rooted in community, ABC Realty is vested in giving opportunities to both community members and people of color,  making sure they are represented in the work we do here. 

When you support this Brokerage, you are supporting the work we do to uplift and change the lives of young people in the community. 


We will be contacting you shortly with information about your home.