Finding Home: A Serendipitous Journey for Young Home Buyers

“Know yourself, know what you are and are not willing to do… and it will become your perfect home,” says Ian, a young homebuyer here in the Twin Cities. If you don’t know, Ian is a part of a close-knit group of friends that moved to Minnesota from Georgia in 2019 based off of a dart throw! They all were navigating the exciting path of homeownership together- check out Elliot and Marcus’ stories on our blog. For many, the journey to finding their dream home is often filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Ian, ABC Realty Home Owner

Picture this: a casual drive through a neighborhood during your homeownership search. You have intentions of seeing one home, but you stumble upon an open house sign. Your curiosity piques, you decide to step inside, not knowing that this would be the beginning of his own homeownership story. That’s what happened to a young homebuyer, Ian! You can read more about Ian’s story below:

Can you tell us about what it was like buying your first home?

Let’s see… I started the process in January or February, and then I closed on the house in late April. I looked at about 15 different houses, somewhere in that ballpark. It was a stressful process, you know, there’s a lot to do in a certain amount of time. [Like] getting qualified for a loan, and then actually looking at the houses. The biggest issue for me was not knowing the final amount. I wouldn’t know until a couple of days before actually closing and I found that to be stressful because for bigger purchases, I like to plan those out ahead of time. Only knowing with a couple days’ notice on what the amount I needed to bring to closing was stressful. 


Was the closing number surprising to you or was it in the range you were originally expecting? Did you feel like you had support throughout your home buying process?

It was in the general ballpark of what I expected because I know the majority of what I owed which was 20% down. Just sort of those hidden fees were additional, which Seanne [Thomas, his realtor] did mention. 

I definitely talked to my mother. Elliot actually came out and looked at the houses with me. I enjoyed having Elliot there with me because Elliot had just finished going through the process, so they knew a little more about what to look out for. They helped me in case I might’ve missed a few things- like the leveling of the floor, if they were slopped, or just being more detail oriented and technical. 


How did you end up making the decision on your home?

During the first set of houses I looked at, I found one I really liked and put an offer in. I had a home inspector come out, and she reported the possibility of structural damage due to a pipe having burst since it sat unoccupied for so long. I backed out of that one.

Then, I found another house I liked. The inspector reported some sort of structural damage. I decided to have a structural engineer come out and look at the property. When they got back to me, they told me it would be $17,000 in structural repairs and I was not willing to pay that even with the counter offers. The seller was willing to offset that but it was [still] too much, so we actually found this house completely by accident. We were looking at a house that was on a Larpenteur and we just happened to see it as we were passing. We saw an open house sign and we just decided, since it was within walking distance, to just go ahead and look at the house. That’s kind of how we found it. 


So just by chance, you ended up finding your home?



How does it feel to have officially closed this past April?

It’s been fairly expensive getting the house settled, but it’s been worth it. There are some repairs I still need to make, but one of the things that surprised me was the air conditioning system was older. When the specialist came out to service it, it turned out it was almost ancient and it was somewhere from the mid 60s, late 70s. He was surprised it was still working. And the heater turned out to be even older! We ended up replacing them and I got a discount. 


Do you have any tips for finding specialists to come look at your home (ie structural engineer, inspectors, etc)?

I used the same home inspector that Elliot used. Seanne [Thomas, his realtor] also gave me a few recommendations. You just have to find confirmation from multiple sources. Most things have been from word of mouth


Which room is your favorite that you’re most looking forward to?

Probably the master bathroom. It’s really nice, it’s got this big beautiful walk-in shower. There’s a built in area where you can sit if you need to. It’s really nice because I can enjoy a nice, hot, steamy shower


Any advice for first-time, young homebuyers?

Try to follow a logical process throughout. Know yourself, know what you are and are not willing to do. Structural repairs, water damage, etc. Know what you’re not going to want to deal with. Let it sink in, and based on who you are, it will become your perfect home. 


For our young buyer, stumbling upon his future home during that open house was more than chance—it was destiny aligning with opportunity. Whether you’re driving by an open house on a whim or meticulously planning each step, the journey to homeownership is uniquely yours. At ABC Realty Twin Cities, we’re here to celebrate your story and help you find that perfect place to call home.

At ABC Realty Twin Cities, we understand the importance of these serendipitous moments. Our experienced agents are dedicated to guiding young buyers through every step of the home buying process, ensuring you feel confident and informed. From exploring financing options, to negotiating the best deal, we are here to support your dreams and desires of homeownership.

If you are ready to embark on your own journey to homeownership, or even if you want to know about the process, contact ABC Realty Twin Cities today and let us help you turn your dreams into reality. Join a community of homeowners who celebrate the joys of finding home together.






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